Paint And Sit

Paint And Sit: An Outdoor Seating Project

Portland Downtown invites Maine artists to integrate art and color into temporary outdoor seating for two of our featured activation areas.

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Project Overview:

Outdoor Seating Project: Paint and Sit is a project that features the inspirations of our local artists and creative community members. Our objective is to beautify the urban landscape, increase civic participation, and support the local arts community.  

Artists submissions for the project will be reviewed by the Portland Downtown Space Activation Team and selected based on the proposed concept and how it meets the project guidelines. Selected artists will paint one (1) or more Adirondack style wooden chairs with original designs. We have a total of 12 chairs. Once professionally painted, these chairs will contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the urban streetscape.  



  • Artists must live in or have office or studio space in Maine, with preference given to artists in the Greater Portland area.  
  • Chairs are provided unassembled and boxed to allow for ease of transportation. Artists must be able to pick up unfinished chairs and transport them back once completed. Completed chairs can be returned assembled or unassembled. If artists choose to assemble the chair, please follow the provided directions. Unassembled chairs must be returned with all original parts included.
  • Artists must be 18 or older.  Student groups are encouraged to send a proposal but must have an adult who is at least 18 years old as a project advocate/mentor.
  • Up to three (3) designs may be considered for each artist. These can be designs for one (1) chair or up to six (6) chairs. 
  • Designs may be submitted on paper or electronically but must conform to the guidelines as provided.  
  • Selections shall be made by Portland Downtown Space Activation Team.
  • Submissions may be kept on file for future project consideration. 
  • Proposals must be received or postmarked for delivery on or before April 10, 2023.  
  • Artists will be notified by April 17, 2023, if their designs are selected. 
  • Completed chairs should be delivered to Portland Downtown by May 14, 2023.


Selected Artists

Selected artists/groups will receive $100.00 in funding for each Adirondack chair upon pick up of an unassembled chair. Artists are responsible for the cost of all materials required to design, prepare, paint, complete, and protect their artwork. Additionally, artists are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.


Design Guidelines

  • Artwork must be original. Artists must be willing to represent their work by the artist’s name, Group name or studio brand. No anonymous designs will be accepted.
  • All designs must be in color. No black-and-white designs will be accepted.
  • Designs should avoid predominantly dark palettes in an effort to prevent chairs from becoming too hot to sit on. Designs may be representational or abstract but must respond to the urban context and be appropriate given the location and setting.  
  • No text or advertisements. 
  • The operational parts of the chairs (hinges) cannot be painted over and must remain functional. The chairs are pre-primed. Artists shall tape over functional areas (hinges).
  • A complete list of supplies and materials used for preparation and painting must be provided.  
  • All artwork must be completed with exterior grade paints.


Download the application using the link below or fill out the form. 


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Direct all inquiries to: 

Betsy Boyd

Community Outreach & Engagement Manager

Portland Downtown