Park & Work

Spring Street Garage
Spring Street Garage

What is it?
The Park & Work program is a discounted parking program for the use of low to moderate income employees, or unpaid volunteers. To qualify for program eligibility, the persons or households utilizing the program must have income levels at or below 50% of the area median income in accordance with annual HUD guidelines for the City of Portland.

How does it work?
Employees present parking tickets to their employer, who in turn will affix one or two stamps to them, depending on the length of workdays.

How much does it cost?
Program stamps will be sold to the employer or to a registered employee at a cost of $100 per book of 48 stamps. Each stamp is valid for three (3) hours of parking. A maximum of two (2) stamps per ticket may be used. The employer may choose to subsidize all or part of the cost of employee parking.

Stamps may be purchased at Portland Downtown (22 Free Street, Suite 201) with cash (exact change) or check only. Checks should be made payable to Portland Downtown. Park & Work stamps are non-refundable.

Which parking facilities accept Park & Work stamps?
The City of Portland subsidizes parking for the Park & Work program at City owned and operated parking garages on Elm Street (21 Elm Street) and Spring Street (45 Spring Street).