Live/Work Portland

movingMoving to and living in Portland

A diverse, creative, beautiful city, Portland offers something for almost everyone and has frequently been listed as one of America’s top cities to live, work, play and visit.

Portland is a very livable city for everyone who wants to be part of a community that takes responsibility for themselves and their neighbors. Whether you want to be part of an active urban environment or be part of small residential neighborhoods, Portland boasts lifestyles that appeal to all.

As a city we have a long tradition of being inclusive and tolerant and our housing opportunities reflect that community sensibility. From market rate condos to artist live-work spaces, single family homes to affordable housing and rentals, mixed use developments and college dorms all are found throughout our city. Arts, educational, entertainment, business and cultural opportunities, a wide range of faith-based institutions, outstanding medical care, outdoor amenities and much more await you as a Portland resident.

If you are interested in moving to Portland, here are some resources to help you research and plan your move!

  • City of Portland (education statistics, labor force, cost of living, demographics, health services and more)
  • Live + Work in Maine showcases Maine’s employment market to job seekers in Maine and throughout the country.
  • Creative Portland leverages, grows, and sustains Portland’s creative industries, enterprises and workforce.
  • Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce encourages individual, community and business growth by offering valuable networking, advocacy, and educational opportunities.