Love Notes & Coasters

Have you fallen for the City of Portland hook, line, & sinker?

Let our lovely city by the sea know how you feel with a Love Note or Love Coaster, projects brought to you by Portland Downtown, Portland Buy Local, & our Mission 3/65, a joint initiative to bolster our local community year-round. Take our blank canvas and turn it into a love letter to your favorite business, restaurant, park, street, building, landmark — the possibilities are endless when love knows no limits.

The traditional Love Notes are available for download below or for pickup at the Portland Downtown office at 22 Free Street (Suite 201). Love Coasters (new!) are available at participating downtown Portland locations, including diners, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, & more! Return a Love Coaster to us before the end of February for a chance to win a $20 gift card to the Portland bar or food establishment of your choice!

Print this PDF to write a valentine by hand:

Love Notes template

Or use our paint tool to color a Love Notes virtually.

Love Notes & Love Coasters will be shared on the Portland Downtown Facebook page on Valentine’s Day. They will be added to the online gallery as they are returned throughout the month of February. Drop yours off at our Official Love Notes Drop Box (22 Free Street, Suite 201),  mail it to us (PO Box 8593, Portland ME, 04104) by February 8th, or email it to!

Media Contact:
Cary Tyson
Executive Director
Portland Downtown
Phone: 207-772-6828