Portland Downtown Mural Grant Program

Portland Downtown is pleased to announce its inaugural Mural Grant Program. Portland Downtown is charged with stimulating a thriving, vibrant and sustainable downtown community. To further these objectives, Portland Downtown is offering to provide up to 75% funding for murals within the Downtown Improvement District. The organization has set aside a minimum of $5,000 for local businesses to hire local artists in an effort to improve quality of place, deter graffiti and enhance downtown beauty. Portland Downtown may award anywhere from one to three grants. 

Applications are available here (the deadline to apply is April 1, 2021). Where applicable, applicants will need to follow Historic Preservation guidelines and process. Portland Downtown staff will provide assistance in that arena. This includes but is not limited to mural proposals that are located where a wall is concrete or previously painted, located on secondary elevations, and are readily reversible.

Special thanks to Creative Portland for helping us connect business & property owners with local artists.



a) Murals on privately-owned buildings must reflect the character, culture and history of the area/neighborhood. Murals will adhere to creative themes including: 

b) Art and messaging will employ appropriate thematic and other relationships to the surrounding environment

c) Finished art will maintain appropriateness of scale

d) No signage or subject matter that could be construed as advertising, copy, symbols or references directly promoting any product, business, brand, organization, service or political message will be approved

e) Attention will be given to the relationship of the work to the site and the community, especially how it serves to activate or enhance the public space 


1. All submissions will be evaluated based on: art professional’s experience and qualifications; the creativity of their previous work; as well as, evidence of ability to meet design criteria. 

2. The clarity of purpose behind the submission and reasons for applying. 

3. The quality of the material/images supplied. 

4. Ability for the project to be completed.


Review the guidelines outlined above and submit a completed application by April 1, 2021. Application materials should be mailed or emailed to: Cary Tyson, Executive Director, Portland Downtown, P.O. Box 8593, Portland, ME 04104 or cary@portlandmaine.com.