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May 11

Will Dailey’s $10 Song Tour w/ Sarah Borges
Location: 181 State St., Portland, Maine 04101, US
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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All tickets will incur an additional $4.00 surcharge.

“Lets call them the before times. It was January 2020 and I was on a tour with Julianna Hatfield and then the world shifted on its axis. As soon as I was able, I started playing shows like I was shot out of a cannon. I went anywhere and everywhere. It was exhilarating and chaotic. We were all recovering. Trying to get our ground back. Maybe that is just the way of things. But spring tour 2023 really feels like the first time that I’m back on the road and I know where I’m going with some wind at my back. The Firehouse is a room that is always in my dreams. It is exquisite and focused. It is the stop on this tour that makes me feel like I’m back on my path.”

Will Dailey is an acclaimed independent recording artist, performer, artist advocate and sonic survivor. His sound has been described as a Venndiagram of multiple genres with a rich vintage vibe that weaves through his authentic and energetic performances. There is an artistic DIY spirit fueling all of it, bringing in the spins, Billboard charts, rave reviews and Boston and New England Music Awards. All inspiring famed rock journalist Dan Aquilante to call him “the real deal”.

He has shared the stage and studio with Eddie Vedder, Willie Nelson, Roger McGuinn, Kay Hanley, GLove, Steve Earle, and Tanya Donelly. In June of 2013 he was featured on a Stephen King/John Mellencamp project produced by T Bone Burnett called Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County and, in that same year, also released an original song he wrote inspired by Jack Kerouac’s Tristessa. Dailey has played at Farm Aid four times alongside Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp. His 2018 album, Golden Walker, hit #1 on Billboards Northeast Heat seekers. The BostonHerald called the album: “A new peak” and named it an Album of the Year.

As venues began opening their doors post pandemic in 2022, Dailey launched his Double Elvis/iHeartRadio produced podcast, Sound of Our Town – that became an Apple Podcast spotlight. SOOT is a travel podcast about the music in the next town you visit: Not only where to go to hear and experience the best music and why; but what sounds shaped that city or town’s culture and why live music is so vital to our current moment and our existence.

2022 also saw the release of two new singles “Easy to Be Around” and “Christmas, Of Course” – which were featured on stations across New England (WUMB, WXRV, WMYV) and named Song of the Week on Boston’s AAA station, WERS.

With 2023, comes the upcoming premiere of Season 2 of Sound of Our Town. As Dailey hits the road the second season, he is also bringing with him a song that only exists in recorded form on his merch table. “Cover of Clouds” will be with him exclusively via disc man and headphones on the merch table. A limited number of fans will be able to listen to the 7 minute opus dedicated to Joni Mitchell for $10 and leave their thoughts in a book that travels along with Dailey throughout 2023.

10 Dollar Song:

“There is a hollowness to all our digital consuming. A tyranny of content. Almost inhumane. As artist we throw ourselves into writing, performing and recording. Breaking boundaries and unfollowing all the rules. Yet when we go to share our work we fall into line. A line that leads our passions into a digital abyss. I’ve struggled with that. I know my peers and allies do as well. It doesn’t feel like my job as an artist and performer should stop at the release of the music. The 10 Dollar Song is an experience with a new piece of music that can only ever happen at my shows. The song is called “Cover of Clouds” and its a 7 min ode to a piece of art that Joni Mitchell made and how it intersected with my life. At each show anyone can come up to the merch table and take the headphones and disc-man (it’s a CD player) to a corner and listen to the whole song uninterrupted. A note book travels with the song so that each person can record the date this listed and any thoughts or feelings that they had. It is an individualized experience and the song will only exist here for those who want it. I don’t want it in the abyss. It is special to me and I want to use it to provide a special experience that isn’t ubiquitous across every platform all over the world. I think we all deserve more of that.”