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Nov 15

Whiskey and Chocolate Pairing
Location: 345 Fore St., Portland, Maine 04101, US
6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Whiskey and Chocolate Pairing ft. Liquid Riot & Dean’s Sweets

Come join us at Ballast for an evening of spirits and sweets featuring chocolates by Dean’s Sweets and spirits by Liquid Riot. This will be a guided tasting that focuses on Maine-made craft spirits and craft chocolates.

There are many flavor profiles that are commonly found in both chocolate and whiskey… smoky, caramel, leathery, nutty, earthy among many more. This unique experience will explore the crossover of these robust flavors and textures. We will guide you through five pairings of whiskey and chocolate, and a sixth surprise pairing. This event will coincide with the release of two special limited release spirits. ‘Special B,’ Liquid Riot’s extremely limited release barrel strength Bourbon aged for nearly 7 years amongst the salty sea air of Portland’s working waterfront, and Old Port Oat Whiskey, a unique 7 year aged whiskey that uses 67% rolled oats in it’s 100% Maine grown malt bill.

Also included will be a featured cocktail, charcuterie, and house made focaccia.

All this will take place inside the historic brick laden event venue, Ballast, right in the heart of Old Port. Come experience the terroir of Portland!

More on the limited releases:

Michaud Family Reserve “Special B” Bourbon – barrel strength, 6+yrs in new barrels. Mash Bill: 60% corn, 26% white wheat malt, 10% Special B malt, 4% malted barley.

Old Port Oat Whiskey – 90 proof, 7yrs in new barrels, 100% Maine grown ingredients. Mash Bill: 67% rolled oats, 33% malted barley.

Event is 21+ only.