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Apr 12

Vivid Motion Dance and Empty Pocket Production Present: HeartSpeak and Down The Rabbit Hole
Location: 76 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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We dance to express, to connect, and to feel. To paraphrase Ruth St. Denis; dance is the body speaking a truth that is often too deep for words alone to uncover. Co-directed by Vivid Motion Dance’s Beth Alexander & Jessica Jane Means, HeartSpeak is a one-act collection of new works connected by the theme of how dance heals us.

Down The Rabbit Hole
The White Rabbit’s life of order and routine is suddenly turned into chaos with a familiar realization that “I’m late for work!?!” Follow director Gerry Shannon’s The White Rabbit into an original world of unexpected madness, with crazy encounters and being chased by a curiously annoying young lass as we fall deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.

Vivid Motion Dance is a nonprofit, volunteer dance community for people looking for opportunities to bring dance back into their lives and a place for anyone who always wanted to try dancing, but never had the chance. Audition for a show, come to our pay-what-you-can dance classes, volunteer behind the scenes, or catch a performance. From ballet to burlesque, it’s all here!

Empty Pocket Production is on a mission to spread joy, showcase the beauty of life, and celebrate the essence of humanity through productions that uplift spirits, ignite imaginations, and foster a sense of connection. Immerse yourself in the magic of live performance and leave with a full heart.