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Nov 04

The Silence of Being: Arvo Pärt’s Te Deum
Location: 425 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Arvo Pärt has spent a lifetime exploring the purity of sound. In Te Deum, he uses chant, string orchestra, prepared harp, and chorus to build a sonic world that amplifies silence.

This free event during First Friday Art Walk features two optional add-ons:
1) Meditating with Music – Pre-concert introduction to meditation workshop with Patty Dodd, Natural Meditation Group.
2) We’ll Handel the Children – Free babysitting so parents can experience live classical music without disruption. Children are provided with snacks, toys, games, and babysitters while adults enjoy 45 minutes of uninterrupted stillness while listening to inspiring music. Limited capacity, pre-registration required.

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Session 1
5:00 pm – Check-in for We’ll Handel the Children
5:15 pm – Meditating with Music
5:30 pm – Arvo Pärt’s Te Deum
6:00 pm – Pick-up for We’ll Handel the Children

Session 2
6:00 pm – Check-in for We’ll Handel the Children
6:15 pm – Meditating with Music
6:30 pm – Arvo Pärt’sTe Deum
7:00 pm – Pick-up for We’ll Handel the Children

COVID protocols – At this time, we will not require proof of vaccination for this event, but do recommend attendees wear a mask. Our concert protocols may vary over the course of the season in response to the rise and fall of local COVID rates and corresponding CDC recommendations.

Presented in collaboration with the Bowdoin College Chorus.