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Mar 05

Sandglass Theater’s “Punschi”
Location: 10 Mayo Street Arts, Portland, Maine 04101, US
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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PUNSCHI is an exciting hand puppet show full of humor, adventure, and zest, performed under a big sun umbrella.

Our witty hero Kasper is preparing to go on a journey when his plans are flustered by a comical cow and he has to go on a rollicking chase to retrieve his suitcase. In the second act, the friendly giant Augustin wins a sweepstake and an inexperienced pilot is saved by grandma’s clothesline! This show follows the tradition of European-style fairground entertainment with lots of call-and-response between puppets and audience, accompanied by the ukulele and physical comedy.

The show was created in Germany and later immigrated to the US. It toured internationally for over forty years in the hands of its creator, who then handed it down one generation, from mother to daughter. With this blessing Jana has traveled over New England and New York for the past 7 years, performing Punschi for theaters, museums, schools, libraries, street fairs, town halls, and backyard parties.