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Aug 16

Restorative Yoga at PYC
Location: 98 Cross Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
6:45 pm - 7:45 pm
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What if we normalized rest the same way we’ve normalized the 40-hour work week? This class aims to provide a safe space for folks to explore the concept of constructive rest.

Restorative Yoga is a practice of deliberate stillness with mindful attention to the body and breath. As you rest in supported floor-based postures, the body and brain get a chance to refresh and – you guessed it – restore. The intention is not to stretch or tone, but rather to invite softness into the body and allow layers of tension to melt away. You will not break a sweat. This class is more of a workout for the nervous system and an opportunity to explore meditation. As one student put it, “it’s the yoga class you didn’t know you needed!”

About the Instructor:
Cayce Anne Parker’s love affair with yoga began in 2005 when she took her first class in Burlington, Vermont. She began the practice, as many people do, hoping to strengthen and tone her muscles. In time, she got hooked not only on the way she felt physically, but the therapeutic benefits for her mental and spiritual health, too. In a word, yoga made her feel whole.

In 2017, Cayce was in an accident and underwent surgery for an injury to her cervical spine. She used the practice of Restorative Yoga to help heal and rehabilitate both her body and mind, and it helped her get through some pretty dark times. Cayce is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of this relaxing practice, and knows in her bones that it can be a life-changing experience.