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Oct 01

Portraits 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Portraits explores the intersection of music and visual art. Each piece in this program is vividly evocative, taking us on a journey through different sonic landscapes. In Stravinsky’s neoclassical ballet Apollo, the god Apollo is visited by the muses of music, poetry, and mime. Reena Esmail’s Teen Murti walks us through three different sonic landscapes, each centered around a different Hindustani raag. Charles Mingus’s “Self-Portrait in Three Colors” is exactly that, a self-portrait created in dialogue between three distinct instrumental timbres.

For this program, Palaver will partner with Indigo Arts Alliance and visual artist Pamela Chevez, who will create original artwork in dialogue with each piece. This program will be presented in person and virtually through the Waldo Theatre, and will also feature artist interviews and footage of the creative process.