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Jun 14

PortFringe- Maine’s Fringe Performance Festival
Location: Maine US
7:00 pm - 11:45 pm
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The tenth annual PortFringe theater festival will feature roughly 70 genre-defying performances at venues around Portland’s East Bayside.

The PortFringe 2022 lineup was designed with variety in mind. This year, PortFringe is going back to their roots with short-format performance work. With just one ticket, you will be able to see three different 15-20 minute performances of music, dance, comedy, burlesque, sketch, theater, puppetry, film or something indescribable. Additionally, each night of the week PortFringe will be featuring a must-see late show. PortFringe showtimes are staggered, encouraging attendees to take in as much of the fun as they can, and maybe grab a beverage between acts.