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Aug 14

Paddle Camp for Kids – Expedition Camp
Location: Cutter Street and Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine 04101, US
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Our summer Paddle Camp offers kids a chance to have fun on the waters of Casco Bay while learning paddling skills with our team of passionate paddlers. Each session accepts up to 10 campers and is led by experienced kayak and SUP instructors, including at least one licensed Maine guide. Our aim is for campers to finish the week with new paddling skills and knowledge about the marine environment that they’ll value for the rest of their lives.

Expedition Camp Details:

Our brand new offering for older campers, this expedition will provide an excellent introduction to kayak camping and touring. The first two days of camp are spent at our East End Beach location brushing up on our paddling skills and preparing for the trip. Paddlers will learn how to create a meal plan with a set budget and figure out how to manage packing this food into their boats. Then on Wednesday morning campers will embark with at least two of our Registered Maine Guide councilors for three nights of camping out on Casco Bay’s islands! Some prior paddling experience is preferred, but not required. Campers will return with a thorough introduction to paddling on the ocean and camping on islands, including skills such as cooking over a camp stove, building fires, navigating with chart and compass, reading the weather, and more! The expedition will return on Saturday morning to East End Beach.

Where: East End Beach for prep days, then camping and paddling on the Maine Island Trail

When: August 14th-19th, 9:00am-2pm Monday and Tuesday, Expedition from 8:30am Wednesday to 12pm Saturday

Cost: $980

Participants~ Ages: 12-14 Min:6 Max:10

Sample Itinerary:

Monday – Introductions and paddling at East End Beach and meal planning

Tuesday – Packing and other trip preparation

Wednesday – Expedition departs, camp on Little Chebeague Island

Thursday – Paddle to another MITA Island, like Jewell or Whaleboat

Friday – Paddle to a day trip destination like Eagle Island, camp at Bangs Island

Saturday – Return to EEB!


Campers should come to camp Monday and Tuesday prepared with the day camp items listed above. In addition, campers should bring the following for the expedition. Please have these items ready for Tuesday, as we will conduct a “shake down” Tuesday afternoon to ensure everyone has exactly what they need. Clothes and other items will be packed into dry bags, then locked up at the Portland Paddle site before we pack the kayaks and depart on Wednesday morning. Campers should come to camp Wednesday morning in the clothes they will paddle in for the day, and with any items they realized were missing during the shake down.

Portland Paddle will provide tents for students. Students will tent in groups of two-four. Please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad if you have them. Sleeping bags should be of a compressible “backpacking” style. Sleeping pads and bags are both available for rent for $10 each for those that do not have their own.

Portland Paddle will also provide group gear such as drinking water, stoves, food, cooking and cleaning equipment, a group tarp shelter, a bathroom kit, first aid kit, etc. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions on this topic.


We recommend packing one set of “wet” clothes for paddling, and one set of “dry” for around camp, and enough undergarments for each day. Paddlers may also want a set of clothes specifically for sleeping in, and one or two extra layers just in case. This allows paddlers to stay comfortable and hygienic while minimizing the amount of space taken up by clothing.

Sun protection — sunscreen, sunglasses (w/ tether), hat with visor
Water bottle(s) (two liters is ideal)
Fleece or wool top
Headlamp, or other type of small flashlight
Non-cotton long underwear tops/bottoms or similar items to keep warm.
Rainjacket (also makes good bug protection)
Rain pants (or quick-drying pants of some sort)
One pair of non cotton shorts
Extra pants and shirt to wear while on land
Warm hat
Warm socks (a couple pairs)
Paddling shoes – watershoes, sandals or old sneakers that can get wet and will stay on feet in the event of a capsize
Camp shoes – crocs, sneakers, chacos, etc which will hold up to light hiking and protect from stubs and trips around camp, without being too bulky and allowing some breathability
Personal hygiene/health items (toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution, medications).

Fleece Gloves (to keep warm)
Paddler’s Gloves (to protect from blisters or sun while paddling)
Waterproof binoculars
Camera (with batteries & memory cards)
Book to read (or nature guidebook)
Small towels
Bowl / mug / utensils if you would prefer to use your own
Insect repellent
Mosquito netting
Frisbee, ball, cards, portable board games, journal etc.
Any necessary medications or other health-related items
Please do not bring:

Entertainment electronics (hand held video games, phones, music players, etc.)
*Let us know if you are missing any gear that’s needed for the trip. We may be able to provide what you need. *