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Aug 30

On the Air! A Comedy Experience in the Golden Age of Radio
Location: 76 Congress St, Portland, Maine 04101, US
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Join the wild crew behind Balderdash Academy with On the Air, the groundbreaking comedy experience that blends live theater with radio plays that never were. Each performance of On the Air is all new and features three never before heard radio plays as we follow the trials and tribulations of the ensemble of Dasher’s Radio Theater on the Air.

It’s 1933 and director Leo Gladstone does whatever he can to keep his Dasher’s Radio Theater on the Air alive. He’s lucky that his zany ensemble is as dedicated as he is.

Featuring all-new episodes of original series written by Bob LeBlanc and David Hanright. Series like: The Adventures of Aphrodite Prime, The Bonnie Tales of Captain Bellamy, Pudding Gulch, Queen of the Night Greta Von Ghoul, Scamps McGee Hobo with a Heart of Gold, The Schmanker Twins: Teenage Detectives, Treasure Hunter, Van Diamond: Private Dick, and many more.

Featuring Balderdash Academy’s rotating ensemble with:
Steve Corning
CarlaRose Dubois
Nate Greene
David Hanright
Randy Hunt
Bob LeBlanc
Marie Stewart Harmon
& Molly McGill

Relive the adventures of the past with Balderdash Academy’s On the Air!