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Jun 17

“Moon in Full” Book Signing with Marpheen Chann
Location: 49 Exchange St., Portland, Maine 04101, US
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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“Moon in Full,” a contemporary coming-of-age story, shines light on the search for truth and compassion, and unwinds the deep-seated challenges of finding authentic voice and true identity in our complicated era. Author Marpheen Chann’s journey weaves through housing projects and foster homes; into houses of worship and across college campuses, and plays out in working-class Maine where he struggles to find his place in a majority white community and to reconcile his fears and longings as a young gay man with the devoutly religious beliefs of his adopted family. Chann, a second generation Asian American, recounts what he has learned, what he has lost, and what he has found during his evolution from a hungry refugee’s son to a religious youth to an advocate for acceptance and equality.

Meet author Marpheen Chann as he signs copies of his memoir at Sherman’s Bookstore!