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Aug 11

Maine Outdoor Film Festival: The Doubletop Program
Location: 148 Anderson Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Join the Maine Outdoor Film Festival, presented by Baxter Brewing, for a two hour program of outdoor adventure and conservation short films, shown outdoors, at Après for night one of the third weekend of MOFF.
– The film program will last about two hours, 15 minutes, including a 10-minute intermission.
– Please bring your own camp chair/blanket.
– Beer, and of course, Après signature seltzer available for purchase with ID.
– Ghee Food truck will be joining us for the event.
– Dogs are welcome, but we ask dog owners be courteous and remember folks are there to enjoy a film screening.
– Film program is subject to change.
– This event will adhere to any prevailing state guidelines for public safety in light of COVID-19.
– Virtual viewing options available for those unable to attend in person.

Film Program:
SUPERIOR STOKE – 3.1 minutes – by Nick Ryan – from Utah – Short synopsis: Superior Stoke follows Nick Ryan on a MTB ride across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This project was created to show off the riding, beautiful landscapes and bike culture across the UP. Also this was the first ever MTB film created in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This project is also the first created by Downhill Production Company, which was founded in Nick’s dorm room at Northern Michigan University in June of 2020 (at the height of the pandemic). Please enjoy!

UPROOTED – 8.85 minutes – by Hillia Aho – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Robin is a recluse who prefers nature and solitude to the comforts and companionship of civilization. Her lifestyle reflects her resourcefulness: stolen food, a shelter crafted from salvaged materials, decorated with found treasures. One winter day, a logging operation launches nearby, and the forest that was her salvation is threatened by the encroachment of civilization. To avoid discovery, Robin must flee home with only the bare essentials, trading her painstakingly earned contentment for the uncertainty of displacement. Uprooted centers on one individual who has chosen to opt out of society. Through focus upon the small details of her life, we find a character whose challenges reflect larger societal issues. Robin’s journey speaks to the near impossibility of escaping societal expectation, and the unseen casualties of careless modern civilization.

ISLAND RUNNER – 7.56 minutes – by Connor William Davis – from Maine – Short synopsis: What really is a marathon? Does it have to be a race? Do you have to wear a bib? Or can you just get on a boat in Maine and run around a bunch of islands until you hit 26.2 miles? This film is all about finding out. Follow 6 runners as they venture across three islands off the coast of Maine‚ circumventing each in search of 26.2 miles with plenty of beer, tacos, and hot dogs in between.

INNER TERRITORY – 6.8 minutes – by Marie France L’Ecuyer – from Quebec – Short synopsis: Returning from a long expedition, adventurer, musician and author Samuel Lalande-Markon finds himself confined to his apartment in Montreal. He takes this opportunity to escape into the green spaces of the metropolis, reclaim his insularity, and revisit the memories of his recent journeys to the confines of Northern Quebec. Over the course of an urban bike-rafting odyssey, this film offers a reflection on the exploration and appropriation of our immediate territory, and offers an introspective look at the very essence of adventure.

A PAINTING FROM THE EARTH – 15.8 minutes – by Jeshua Soucy – from Maine – Short synopsis: The story of a young artist who transforms natural material from the earth into a painting of an old log cabin.


THE RANGE OF LIGHT – 79 minutes – by Paul Ingram – from United Kingdom – Short synopsis: A 400 Mile Journey to Discover the High Sierra. The Range of Light is an intimate look into the lives of three hikers as they tackle the high routes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The film explores the creation of high routes with the people who forge them, the addictive nature of long-distance hiking, and the threats that wild places face.