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Jul 29

Maine Outdoor Film Festival: The Bigelow Program
Location: 350 Commercial St., Portland, Maine 04101, US
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Join the Maine Outdoor Film Festival, presented by Baxter Brewing, for a two hour program of outdoor adventure and conservation short films, shown outdoors, at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute for night two of the first weekend of MOFF. To kick off the evening’s event, we will be hosting a panel discussion, Climate Change Storytelling, from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Admission to the panel is included for this evening’s ticket holders, weekend pass holders, Gold Pass holders, and Friends of MOFF.
– The film program will last about two hours, including a 10-minute intermission.
– Climate Change Storytelling panel discussion from 6:30 – 7:30pm available to all ticket holders for this evening’s event.
– Please bring your own camp chair/blanket.
– Beer and Wine available for purchase with ID.
– Outside water/snacks are allowed.
– No pets allowed.
– Film program is subject to change.
– This event will adhere to any prevailing state guidelines for public safety in light of COVID-19.

Film Program:
RIDING THE RAILS – 10.1 minutes – by Evan Kay – from Vermont – Short synopsis: Using a bicycle modified to ride on abandoned train tracks, pro mountain bike rider Alex McAndrew and his wife Ella head out into the unknown in search of remote fishing, camping, biking, and adventure.

THE PEOPLE’S PERCH – 7.42 minutes – by Patrick Bonsant, Susan Kimball, and David Blais – from Maine – Short synopsis: Modern day explorer, author and Bicycle Benefits founder Ian Klepetar found his way to Baldwin, Maine while cycling to Portland in the summer of 2020. A water tower landmark on Route 113 caught his eye and had Ian daydreaming of the structures’ wild and awe inspiring possibilities. Klepetar wrote to the previous owner and shared his dream of transforming the tower and the adjoining property into a gathering space that would educate, inspire and engage. Now holding the deed to the property and thrilled to help create a magical place in the neighborhood, Ian and his partner (Montana Morris) welcome travelers, friends and locals to The People’s Perch in order to activate their bodies, move their minds and forge connections with others interested in growing food and cultivating community in this rural area of Maine.

INNER MOUNTING FLAME – 24.3 minutes – by Andrew Kornylak – from North Carolina – Short synopsis: The story of North Carolina musician and rock climbing legend Mike Stam and the second ascent of his high country bouldering test piece, The Inner Mounting Flame.


DON’T FEED THE COYOTES – 33.4 minutes – by Nick Stone Schearer – from California – Short synopsis: don’t feed the coyotes’ observes several years in the intertwined lives of San Francisco’s urban coyotes. The story centers around a three year-old coyote, fondly-named Scout, and her territorial challenger, the scientifically-dubbed 15F. Chronicling their lives through the two starkly different researchers observing them, it’s about humans, the natural world and the lines we’ve drawn between the two.

SNOWSTORM – 4.5 minutes – by David Busse – from Wisconsin – Short synopsis: A meditative glimpse of birds navigating a snowstorm on Lake Michigan.

CONTINUUM – 2 minutes – by Harrison Mendel – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Everything is connected. Each ride is an extension of the one before. Each reentry is a transition to the next launch. Each experience builds on one another toward a flow state of endless progression. Only the settings and perspectives change along this continuum. In this film by Brett Rheeder and Harrison Mendel, the sequence of individual movements are all linked together as a cohesive collection, with each maneuver unique yet forming a coherent visual journey across ever-changing landscapes by maintaining a locked perspective. Creating this visual trick of relentless flow and seamless transitions from one scene to the next was a technical challenge for both rider and cinematographer, and it required intense planning and dedication from the entire team to work through these problems. Anchoring the point of view to bring the audience along on Brett’s journey as everything else moves seamlessly along the continuum.

SKIN SWIMMER – 6.9 minutes – by Hannah Walsh – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Waking up on a cold, winter Vancouver morning, most people choose to stay inside sipping their steaming coffee. This is not the case for Roberta Cenedese, as her mornings look drastically different. Instead, she wakes up and heads for the ocean to dive into the frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest, only wearing a bathing suit. Through triumph and failure, Roberta trains for one of the most challenging feats in action sports; an ice mile in three degree water. Join resident seals on this gripping and adventurous journey, where Roberta’s intimate connection with the Salish Sea is front and center.