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Aug 12

Maine Outdoor Film Festival: The Big Moose Program
Location: 148 Anderson Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Join the Maine Outdoor Film Festival, presented by Baxter Brewing, for a two hour program of outdoor adventure and conservation short films, shown outdoors, at Après for night two of the third weekend of MOFF. This evening’s event will kick off with a panel discussion, How’d You Get That Shot?, from 6:30 – 7:30pm. Admission to the panel is included for this evening’s ticket holders, weekend pass holders, Gold Pass holders, and Friends of MOFF.
– The film program will last about two hours, 15 minutes, including a 10-minute intermission.
– Panel discussion, How’d You Get That Shot? from 6:30 – 7:30pm available to all ticket holders for this evening’s event.
– Please bring your own camp chair/blanket.
– Beer, and of course, Après signature seltzer available for purchase with ID.
– Ghee Food truck will be joining us for the event.
– Dogs are welcome, but we ask dog owners be courteous and remember folks are there to enjoy a film screening.
– Film program is subject to change.
– This event will adhere to any prevailing state guidelines for public safety in light of COVID-19.
– Virtual viewing options available for those unable to attend in person.

Film Program:
A QUALITY OF IMAGINATION – 5 minutes – by Caleb Roberts – from Ontario – Short synopsis: In a culture seemingly full of adrenaline junkies and “going bigger”, Benny Marr contemplates the ultimate form of self-expression, and the subtle moments that define one’s style.

FOOD IN YOUR BELLY – 15 minutes – by Gabriella Medrano, Lukas Chin – from New York – Short synopsis: Food in Your Belly is a story of a young woman’s one thousand four hundred mile hike undertaken as a way to recover from an eating disorder. Aster has two goals: hike the Appalachian Trail and eat. These seem like possible goals until you realize Aster will be hiking in the dead of winter and she has struggled for years with an eating disorder.Through a series of interviews and observational footage we learn about Aster, and watch her navigate through 6 months and 1400 miles of the infamous Appalachian Trail in winter. Through a tremendous display of vulnerability we learn about Aster’s inner struggles, hear how loud her eating disorder voice can get, and watch her grow to love both herself and her environment.

EVERY STREET SLC – 10.65 minutes – by Corey Lester, Parker Lester – from Utah – Short synopsis: After coming to the realization that he doesn’t know well the city in which he lives, Bryant Heath decides to run every street in Salt Lake City. As he ventures, he sees the hidden beauty that composes the neighborhoods and the cultural magnitude of SLC.

OFF THE COUCH – 11.75 minutes – by Mitch Bowmile – from Canada – Short synopsis: Jaymie Secord (Joe Wilderness) aims to climb all 46 Adirondack High Peaks and finds a love for the mountains along the way.

WINTER SWIMMING – 3 minutes – by Art Bell – from Vermont – Short synopsis: Maybe the best medicine in winter in the Northeast, is regular swimming in the frozen northern lakes of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.


MUSHER – 75 minutes – by Anuradha Rana, Laurie Little – from Illinois – Short synopsis: Musher peels back the veil behind the bond that four women have between their dogs and the world of sled-dog racing. As each woman prepares for the Copperdog annual race, we reveal the intimate insight into the mushing community, devotion to that lifestyle, and how women influence the sport.