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Nov 19

Les Sages Fous “Tricyckle”
Location: 170 Anderson Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
7:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Presented by Mayo Street Arts, ‘Tricyckle’ is a bewitching spectacle of metamorphosis and transformation using objects and puppetry.

Guided by enigmatic arrows, a scrap collector steers his tricycle and trailer to the opening of a fantastical maze filled with illusions. A dream-like adventure begins.

The tricycle guides the man through his life journey as if it were an uncanny ride at a fairground; through the house of mirrors, the carousels, and the games of chance leading him through the dark shadows of his past toward his quest for freedom and into the light.

Without words, Tricyckle’s intriguing musical score is composed solely of invented instruments created with found objects. The lights are made with tin cans and vegetable strainers.

The puppet company is inspired, among others, by men who roam the city of Trois Rivières on their old tricycles, looking for all kinds of materials they carry on their makeshift trailers. According to the artists: “We are also inspired by people who make folk art; those who are not professional artists, with all the baggage and allegiance to the institutions involved. With Tricyckle we hope to break down barriers between high culture and popular art.”

Les Sages Fous visited Mayo Street Arts in 2013 for their performance of ‘The Orphan Circus.’ For ‘Tricyckle’ the event will take place at warehouse venue Maine Studio Works.

You won’t want to miss this exquisite and grotesque “aesthetic vision.” You can learn more and read reviews of the performance here.


This event will take place at the Maine Studio Works located at 170 Anderson Street in Portland, ME.