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Nov 11

“La Nona Kanta” with Trio Sefardi
Location: 10 Mayo Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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“La Nona Kanta” is a tale of survival and courage. The multimedia program is a celebration of the life and work of Flory Altarac Jagoda, the National Heritage Award-winning, Bosnian-born Sephardic Singer and composer, with live music by Sudan Gaeta, Tina Chancey, and Howard Bass of Trio Sefardi.

“La Nona Kanta” features documentary footage of Bosnian-American guitarist Flory Jagoda—who escaped the Nazis in 1941 and spent her life in the U.S. helping to preserve her musical heritage—interspersed with a live performance of her songs, pictures from the Altarac family archives, animation, and translations of Flory’s songs, which were composed in Ladino and Serbo-Croatian.

Trio Sefardi, a northern Virginia-based ensemble, performs the music of Flory Jagoda and traditional songs of the Sephardim, the descendants of Jews exiled from Spain in 1492.

The group combines Susan’s extensive experience with jazz and folk music, Tina and Howard’s early music background, and the influence and inspiration that Susan and Howard derived from fifteen years of working and touring extensively with Flory Jagoda.

This event will take place at the Maine Jewish Museum located at 267 Congress Street, and is a collaboration between Mayo Street Arts and the Maine Jewish Museum. Please be sure to purchase tickets to Trio Sefardi’s full concert at Mayo Street Arts on Thursday, November 9.