Events downtown

Feb 03

Jesse and Marlo Feinberg | Noonday Concert Series
Location: 28 Neal Street, Portland, Maine 04102, US
12:15 pm - 12:50 pm

Pianist Jesse Feinberg and drummer Marlo Feinberg perform a mixture of original and improvised modern music that they have been performing around the country on tour as well as new composed music they have written recently for drums and piano.

Their music is a mixture of various ethnic styles, partially based on Eastern European origination, African based polymetric and polyharmonic improvised styles, as well as jazz oriented swing and Latin-American styles.

They will be releasing an album soon. Currently, you can listen to their music online at SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook,, and Instagram.


The Noonday Concert Series is free to the public because of the continued support of our sponsors: Norman Hanson DeTroy and the Portland Rossini Club.

As a nonprofit, we also rely on individual donations, and The David Nichols Charitable Trust will once again match all donations.

We thank our sponsors and YOU for your generosity.