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Jun 22

Introduction to Greenland Rolling
Location: Cutter Street and Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine 04101, US
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Join Portland Paddle and Kayak Ways for an introduction to the traditional Greenland style of kayaking! World renowned instructors and competitors Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson will guide you through the differences between the Greenland Qajaq and their western descendants, and teach the foundational strokes, braces, and rolls of Greenland paddling. Come join us for a fun day learning “the dark art of the skinny stick”!

Explore the foundation skills of the extensive Greenland rolling repertoire: layback, forward, and sculling rolls with the paddle, norsaq, hand, and more!

Experience the elegance and ease of Greenland strokes: canted, sliding, vertical, bow & stern sweeps, bow & stern rudders, sculling draws.

Learn the balance brace, sculling brace, and chest scull, as well as low, high, and deep pry brace recoveries.

Build and practice skills. In this workshop, we will begin with a thorough breakdown of how the roll works on the land, followed by in-water coaching. We’ll discuss the design features of the stick and how it functions best, and then we’ll try it on the water with a strokes component.

Please bring your own sea kayak and Greenland paddle if you have one. A low volume boat with a low back deck is best. If you do not have your own equipment no worries, just please let us at Portland Paddle know so we can have equipment prepared for you!