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Jan 15

Indoor Pool Sea Kayak Rolling Clinic
Location: 1600 Forest Ave, Portland, Maine 04103, US
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
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This course will teach you how to roll a kayak — an invaluable safety skill that’s also endlessly fun. We’ll spend most of the time in the water mastering a series of techniques that will lead to an actual attempt at the roll. If you haven’t rolled by the end of the course, you’ll leave knowing what you need to do to get there. This course, which is limited to five students, is taught by Portland Paddle’s most experienced ACA-certified instructors. You may also have an opportunity to work on other kayaking skills, such as bracing, edging and alternative self-rescues. This course is limited to students with previous experience capsizing and reentering a sea kayak.

The dynamics of the “hip snap” that enable the roll

Methods of rolling, with a focus on the C-to-C roll and sweep roll

Techniques for practicing rolling with a partner and solo

Kayak and other paddling equipment (you are also welcome to bring your own)

Cost for this class includes: pool rental, boast, equipment, ACA-certified instructor and an on duty life guard.