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May 25

Dave Singley – Singer/Songwriter
Location: 76 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101, US
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Born and raised in rural central Illinois, David Singley is a singer- songwriter-guitarist living in Saint Paul, Minnesota, whose music is born of the street, the country, and the academy. An experienced veteran with decades of backing world-class artists and performers, he has recently joined the “Great Resignation” and set his sights on his own artistic pursuits.

The album The Long, Slow Fuse of Night (2021) served as his premiere as a singer and songwriter. His music meets at the convergence of refined experience and authenticity, investigating different points-of-view while weaving together elements of rock, country, and jazz, folk, bluegrass, and gospel. His influences include all the artists of the singer-songwriter era of the 1970’s. David’s music invites listeners in to the vulnerability found in shared life experiences and surrenders to a genuine and ardent intimacy with facing reality while embracing the heart. Since the release of The Long, Slow Fuse of Night, he has released a series of singles, “Change Gonna Come” (August, 2022), “Can’t Find My Way Back” (November 2022), “Love Will Take Its Time” (with Mary Jane Alm) (January, 2023), “Go Back Home” (March, 2023), and “Workin’ All Mornin’” (May, 2023). The accompanying music videos for all five singles have surpassed 100K views on YouTube.