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Sep 24

Bondeko 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Bondeko (Lingala): the feeling of being family with those who are not necessarily your blood relatives.

Based in Portland, Maine, Bondeko is the coming together of three generations and three distinctive musical lineages from three very different life journeys…except the experience of migrating to America.

Bondeko fuses eclectic rhythms from Albania, the Republic of Congo, France, American soul, Gypsy music and much more… Some band members only share a dozen words of common language… But Bondeko exemplifies the unifying power of artistic expression, experience and global connection!

Vocals, Guitar, Drums ~ Orson Horchler

Vocals, Accordion ~ Ylli Brekofca

Vocals, Djembe, Drums ~ Jarin Tchicaya

Djembe, Drums ~ Franchely Benazo