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Sep 09

Biz Fit Meets Baby Booty Workout!
Location: Online, 30 Federal St, Maine 04011, US
8:00 am - 9:00 am
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Molly Brubaker, founder of Baby Booty Workout and mom to baby Ella, will join us for a brief sample workout (no baby needed), and some Q & A with Molly and you.

Any business owner knows that running a business IS a workout in many ways. There is no magic, yet we are all magnificent in supporting one another as we figure out the business journey.

Along with our Baby Booty Workout, we’ll talk with Molly about her business journey, including:

How did Baby Booty start?
What was your early customer response?
Surprises, successes, challenges (We all have them!)
Life as a mom and a business owner
What’s next for Molly and Baby Booty?
Bring you questions and share over a morning cuppa!