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Sep 02

Apolojeesus, HYHT and SAY JOHN EARL at Sun Tiki Studios 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Apolojeesus is the solo experimental pop project of Brooklyn musician Pia Marcoux. Her astructural electronic compositions draw on things heard and absorbed while living abroad — techno from montreal, experimental rock from sao paulo, or deconstructed chamber music from mexico city — as well as a fascination with the avant pop iconography of artists like eartheater, portishead and my brightest diamond. Her live sets — whether lush, echoey drones, maximalist synth pop, or surf guitar over breakbeats – are weird, playful, intimate and absorbing. She most recently toured Latin America.

Textured and melodic minimalist rock from Portland, ME. Members of Lynx, All Night, Nice Life, and Cushing.
Sometimes 2 piece sometimes 10 piece, collective of instrumental sounds in the vein of Old Dead, Old Swans, Old Earth, Old Don Cab, Old people playing loud improv music. Members of Conifer, AWAAS, Purse, etc.