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Aug 13

2021 PUL Championship Series International Tournament: Portland Rising vs. Revolution Profesional 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Portland Rising hosts the 2021 Premier Ultimate League (PUL) Championship Series International Tournament, featuring Revolution Profesional from Medellín, Colombia, and Torch from Austin, Texas.

In the International Tournament opener on Friday evening, Maine takes on Medellín at 7 pm ET at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland. This will be Rising’s first official PUL competition and the first game back for the league since the PUL Championship Finals on June 29, 2019 – 776 days.

In addition to traditional ticketing, the Rising Community Tickets program allows people who hold a lot of privilege in our current system to chip in equitably to provide ticket access to more community members. Learn more, get involved, and/or get Rising Community Tickets here:

We cannot wait to see you at the tournament!