207 Day Scavenger Hunt – Business Registration


Sign your business up today for the 2023 207 Day Scavenger Hunt! 

Deadline to register is January 31st.

Portland businesses (downtown and otherwise) can become a stop on the hunt by registering FOR FREE using the form made available below. All submissions MUST:

A. Relate to Maine, Portland, or the numbers 2-0-7

B. Be completed by submitting a photo, scanning a QR code, OR checking in via GPS

C. Be available Saturday, Feb. 4 – Sunday, Feb. 5

All submissions will be subject to a review.


Task examples: 

  • Purchase our 207 Day Maine Maple latte & submit a photo sipping it

  • 20.7% off one Maine-made item (cannot be combined with other sales or offers) & scan our QR code with purchase

  • Purchase a blueberry muffin for $2.07 & submit a selfie with it

  • Enjoy our Maine tasting menu for $20.70 & submit a photo sampling your favorite dish

  • Find the lobster hidden in our store and submit a photo of it


What is 207 Day? 

Portland Downtown and Portland Buy Local coined the term in 2022 with Maine’s State area code — 2-0-7 — in mind. 207 Day is meant to be a day for Mainers, celebrating what makes Maine, Maine and annually falls on February 7th — get it? 2/07? 


What is the 207 Day Weekend Scavenger Hunt?

The 207 Day Scavenger Hunt is the wicked fun way we celebrate Portland and the greater 207. It’s a self-guided, virtual scavenger hunt designed to guide Portlanders out of winter hibernation to explore, shop, eat, drink, and think like a Mainer. The 2022 207 Day explorers — kids all the way up to the adult kids — solved riddles, shucked lobsters with the Bronze Lobsterman in Lobsterman Park, drank blueberry flavored beverages, slurped $2.07 oysters, & wrote Love Notes to Portland. More than 400 explorers joined in 2022, but there is no limit. Come one, come all!


When is the 207 Day Weekend Scavenger Hunt? 

Since February 7, 2023 is a Tuesday, the 207 Day Weekend Scavenger Hunt will be held the weekend prior on both Saturday, Feb. 4 & Sunday Feb. 5


A Look Back at 2022: 

The inaugural 207 Day Scavenger Hunt was a total hit. Here are some fun facts from the 2022 fun:

  • 96 tasks were on the 2022 207 Day Scavenger Hunt list
  • 84 businesses participated with exclusive Maine-, Portland-, or 207-themed offers
  • 433 community members joined to explore Portland, completing a combined 1,933 tasks
  • The ‘Portland Explorer’ award was reserved for the individual who completed the most tasks. Tammy Locke, who, with the help of her husband and teen son, completed 93 out of the full 96 tasks

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