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We hear you

  Last week I sent an email titled Finding Our Way, which highlighted many of the efforts being made by local organizations to support our business and nonprofit community. Every day, there are more and more examples of how people are adapting, being innovative, stepping up, giving back, and lending a hand (or two!). Beloved celebrities are inspiring us, as are our youth. In

Finding our way

  More than a week has passed since I sent the message “extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures“, the first email communication from Portland Downtown related to the emergence of COVID-19 in our community. Since then, I’ve talked with business owners and nonprofit leaders who have had to lay off staff, cancel fundraising events, and in

Where to turn for answers

  With each new day, individuals, businesses, and organizations are having to make difficult decisions that have very real and immediate consequences for their businesses and for those who they employ. While we use the term ‘businesses’, ‘organizations’, and ’employees’, what we are really talking about is our community members and friends. There is an

What’s all the buzz about?

It’s not every day that you see a giant swarm of BEES in downtown Portland – but that’s precisely what happened last Thursday!   To the surprise of pedestrians along Congress Street, thousands of bees were seen (and heard!) swarming in and around a METRO bus shelter. While some onlookers fled in terror, others watched