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Jul 25

Portland Theater Festival: DRY LAND, a play Ruby Rae Spiegel
Location: 121 Cassidy Point Drive, Portland, Maine US
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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Portland Theater Festival presents DRY LAND, a play by Ruby Rae Spiegel, directed by Taylor Reynolds.

Come see theater in an entirely unique setting. The second play of PTF’s 2024 summer season, DRY LAND will be performed inside an old boat storage bay on Cassidy Point Drive in Portland—creating a wholly immersive way to experience this powerful show.

DRY LAND is tender, acerbic, and eerily prescient. Set largely in the girls locker room of a Florida high school, the play follows a group of teen girls on the threshold of adulthood. They grapple with uncertainty about the future, and test the mettle of their bonds with each other as major life experience begins to take hold. This play features strong adult language and some graphic bodily depictions.

About PTF:
Portland Theater Festival believes that theater has an obligation to entertain, but not necessarily comfort at the same time. In our moment of divided politics, racial reckoning, and nuanced social norms, Portland Theater Festival produces crucial plays that hold a mirror to society: stories that delight, enlighten, and encourage transformation. We advocate for social uplift through representational programming, education, and inclusive hiring practices with the belief that stories can and do change minds and hearts.